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by Justin Vea
©2000 Justin Vea -- all rights reserved

Swing open the doors
Tear apart the walls
From within the dark
Shall be seen a star
From the rubble
A shining is found

Show me the sky
That I may crack it apart
Show me the clock
That I may grab its arms
Show me the four
That I may point them the way

Place upon my hands iron claws
Place within my mouth silver fangs
Place within my eyes a jumping spark
So that I may do as I must
I will shred away
I will tear away
I will burn away

For from houses
I shall make graves
From the graves
I shall make fields
From the fields
I shall make gardens

Every red drop shall bloom into a flower
Every white stick shall spring into a tree
Every glass stone shall shine into a star

And perhaps when all is done
I shall know peace
And perhaps when all is done
I shall know rest

[tsat home] [#9 #11] [stories: 9 11]