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The Mercenaries of Light
by Paul Carmichael

More escapades from Bennett City and beyond.

A Piece of the Miracle
by Jason Mitchell with Andy Hollis

A new author with a unique view of the social considerations of physical transformation.

Thaumaturjekyll: Book Two
by Jeffrey M. Mahr

The continuing adventures of the Lanyon Family and friends.
Please read the previous Book before reading this, or at least review the overview.

The Unicorn Club
by Andy Hollis

A classic from the files of TSA-Talk.
No clues. It's a good read. Enjoy.

The Wonderland Gizmo
by Jeffrey M. Mahr

Another classic from the files of TSA-Talk.
This is actually a short story, one of the few I've managed to write. It's based on an idea from Bill Hart, used with his permission.

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