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by Curtis Brookes

With apologies in advance for the pun -- sometimes school can be a hair-raising experience.

by Jeffrey M. Mahr

The romantic tragedy of the birth of a superhero.

This is a serialized story due to its length. This includes the first three of nine chapters.

by Charles M. Bonanno

An accountant cooks the books until he gets cancer. His employers decide to introduce him to the scientific genius who will cure him before he gets religion and rats them out. Conveniently, this helps everyone, just not in the way anyone wanted or expected, except maybe good old doc Merit.

This is a serialized story due to its length. This is part one of four.

Tails of the Blind Pig
by Mark Van Sciver

The classic tail -- er, tale -- from the archives of TSA-Talk that started the "Tails of the Blind Pig" story universe in October of 1996. For more Tails of the Blind Pig, check this out.

by Jason Mitchell and Andy Hollis

The powerful and shocking conclusion to Andy Hollis' and Paul Carmichael's Bennett City Chronicles -- and the conclusion of the kidnapping begun in Jason Mitchell's A Piece of the Miracle.

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