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E-zine For Sale Or Rent
Jeffrey M. Mahr, Managing Editor

E-zine for sale or rent,
Stoooories for discerning gents.
Columns and artwork too,
Plus a webpage with a pretty good view...

With profuse apologies to Roger Miller for mangling King of the Road, the truth is out and the news is -- TSAT is looking for new owners. Check out the Editorial for more specificity, but the bottom line is that the current group of volunteers is in the process of wrapping up their last two issues. Whether TSAT exists as a fading memory, a stagnant and aging archive or a living, growing source of new and original transformation-related material is entirely up to you our readers. If one or more of you have any interest in keeping this grand old lady of the Internet afloat -- or if you know someone else who might be interested -- please send him or her our way.

That said, on to the good stuff. Chuck Bonanno is back with the final segment of Thanks for the Memories. He's been digging himself deeper and deeper into an impossible situation and we've all been dying to find out how this all ends. My only hint is that it is not going to end like that "it's only a dream" ending to Dallas.

Also returning is Mark McDonald's great body suit story. This is the second of four segments of Skin Deep. Boy, is our hero/heroine confused by the end of these chapters. In chapters four through six she goes from hiding in a college dormitory (a guys' dorm, of course), to a gourmand feast, to a meeting with a ghost, to... well, read the story. I'm not going to give it all away.

Our second story contest ended in April and our judges picked two winners; no third prize was awarded as only the two prize-winners met the minimum criteria for the contest. But don't think that these are minimal stories, because they definitely are not. Based upon the artistry of "Valiant", each author has woven tales of mysticism, magic, myth and might. Our readers from the 'Taur lists should enjoy as both stories involve unicorns. They also include two differing, but unique views of "world saving" and an assortment of transformations to met everyone's tastes. Sideshow Lew is our first-prize winner with his entry, Even the Clearest Glass Distorts. Joseph Jones is our second-prize winner with his entry, A Portrait of Shadows and Destiny. We feel certain you'll enjoy. I personally was amazed at the different directions these stories take despite starting from that same one image.

I can't say too much about E. H. Wrangler's story, Environmental Protection, without giving away the plot and ending. I will say that it's another story our 'Taur List friends will enjoy and that the EPA should consider revising its hiring guidelines.

We also have The Way Station, a golden oldie from Paul Carmichael, and some new art from Vicki Silk. Our cover art is from Jaye Michael. She tells us this is her first time doing an animated transformation and apologies for the size. Last, but definitely not least, we have another column from Phil Geusz.

So -- as I keep saying -- stop reading this and get on to the rest of the e-zine.

Jeffrey M. Mahr
Managing Editor
May 21, 2001

P.S. Andy hasn't been feeling too well lately as evidenced by this being the first issue since he joined us with out a contribution from him. Given their great number of collaborations, Paul has offered his story in Andy's stead. By the time you folks read this, Andy may be recovering from surgery. I'm sure he'd appreciate it if you folks drop him a line to wish him well. -- JMM, 05/22/01

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