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by J R D

An alien princess, sent to earth to learn compassion, meets the man who can help her -- if she can convince him to let her save him from himself first.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
by Bill Kieffer

Nothing I can think of to write in a blurb of hundred words or less could possibly do justice to this truly unique story. It includes death, love (in more than one form), spaceships, airplanes, VIPs, children, scientists, and... but as you can see, this isn't helping. Read and enjoy.

by Jeffrey M. Mahr

What will a wizard do for love?

by Mark McDonald

In a future world, where the United States of America is no longer a world power, college students still find ways to entertain themselves. In this case, it's breaking into a warehouse to steal some "skins," hi-tech bodysuits that re-write the genetic structure. This is the third of four installments.

CAUTION: This story contains graphic language.

by E. H. Wrangler

This is the sequel to Environmental Protection. Roger and his son are now unicorns and the Mayor has hired a team of 'black ops' professionals to find his missing henchmen if possible, but more importantly he wants the newcomers to "take care" of the problem preventing his brother from dumping toxic waste.

by Andy Hollis

The continuing saga of Andy and his friends from Bennett City. In this installment, we may have discovered who the real Wizard is. For more, check out the rest of the stories in this saga.

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