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TSAT 20, contest announcement

Well, the first TSAT writing contest under the current management (Bard and Long) is done. Early on, we got word that various people were working on stories for the contest, but in the end, we received exactly 1 (one) entry. This (lack of) response is a bit disheartening, all the more so because we got nothing before the original deadline of 15 March 2002, and the absence of entries at that date spurred us on to extend the deadline to 28 March 2002... ah, well.

It being the best of all submitted stories, we hereby declare Anniversary, by Ironhorse, to be the winner of TSAT's TBP Origin Stories writing contest! In addition to his tale's appearance in this issue of TSAT, Ironhorse will also receive the prize of a copy of The World Invisible, by Shulamith Oppenheim.

Moving right along, we're going to get right back on that horse what threw us, if you'll pardon the expression. Yes, we're going to try again!

What we're looking for This time around, we're looking for Horror Stories with a TFish twist. Is there some particular transformation which creeps you out? Are your dreams made nightmares by a nasty abuse of TF? Great! Write it down and send it in!
You will note that we do not specify that submissions must be textual in nature. This is intentional. As long as it's a horror story, we don't care if it's a story, a comic strip, or what!
And yes, it's okay to submit more than one story. The more, the merrier!
Why you want to do it The top N stories will go into TSAT 22, where N = 3 or the number of decent entries, whichever is smaller. If you write the First Place story, you will also be awarded 1 (one) copy of Pokéthulhu: The Adventure Game. The Second Place winner (if any) will also get something cool.
When we want it Get it to us by 15 May 2002, which (by no coincidence whatsoever) just happens to be the deadline for submitting any and all material to TSAT 22. And this time around, no extensions!
Who can enter Are you a TSAT staff member? Are you related to someone on the staff? If you can honestly answer "no!" to both of those questions, you can enter this contest.
Where to send your entry Send it to Submissions as an e-mail attachment. The body of this e-mail should be the standard TSAT release form for writers or artists, as appropriate. We prefer written stories to be in .rtf or .txt formats; for graphical entries, we like .jpg or .gif files.
How to disqualify yourself Anything you enter in the contest must be your own original work. Plagiarism is verboten -- stealing another person's work is the shortest known route to a 'TSAT Death Sentence'. As well, we want new material. If you've posted whatever-it-is anywhere else on the Net, or if it's been published in any print venue, fuggeddaboutit!

Any story (or stories) you submit to the contest must be original. If you've posted it anywhere else on the Net, or if it's been published in any print venue, fuggeddaboutit!

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