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The Tails From the Blind Pig 'shared world' (TBP for short) explores what happened after an extraterrestrial pathogen (the so-called Martian Flu virus) came to Earth, bringing with it a body-warping complication known as SCABS, Stein's Chronic Accelerated Biomorphic Syndrome. As it happens, the first confirmed case of SCABS occurred on 19 April 2002, which date is easily derived from the characteristics of the 'Flu virus and the timeline of events related to its release on Earth. Since this issue of TSAT bears the cover date April/May 2002, we really couldn't resist the temptation to make it a TBP Special Issue; in addition to our usual fare, we've got a mother lode of TBP goodies, both golden oldies and present pleasures!

by Ironhorse
  [TBP] [1st!] How the Martian Flu came to Michigan.

My Life Sucks But Not as Bad as This Guys'
by Ph33r P|-|/\<t0r
  [TBP] A remarkable new talent's remarkably talented new story.

by Sideshow Lew
  The best-laid plans of mice and men (and dragons!) gang aft agley...

Skin Deep II
by Mark McDonald
  Hypertechnology and 21st-Century mysticism.

by Phil Geusz
  [TSA] [TBP] Not for the squeamish: A look back to the early days of the Martian Flu.

Tails From the Blind Pig
by Mark Van Sciver
  [TSA] [TBP] The original; the story which started it off.

by Bob Stein
  [TSA] [TBP] 'No good deed goes unpunished', least of all this one...

'Tis the Season
by Jon Sleeper
  [TSA] [TBP] Good things can happen to good people, SCABS or no.

Everything's Wild
by Brian Eirik Coe
  [TSA] [TBP] Cards, Blind Pig style. You gonna bid, or what?

To Console
by Starling
  [TSA] [TBP] Is isolation physical, or psychological?

In the Days of the Comet
by H.G. Wells
  [Classic] What happened when a comet's tail enveloped the Earth -- and after.

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