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Okay, it's no secret that Modified Rapture's artist isn't the most punctual of creators -- if he weren't also TSAT's webmaster and co-editor, we'd have long since fired his procrastinating ass. Which is all prelude to the unfortunate fact that, well... this issue's episode of Modified Rapture isn't anywhere near done.

That's right, the artist blew yet another deadline!

So instead of the next installment of Bard's & Cubist's continuing misadventures, we've decided to go with a stopgap measure born of desperation: We're presenting a collection of logos for various of the shared worlds you folks know and love.

Feast your eyes, and welcome to...

The primary center of activity in the TBP setting is a bar. 'Nuff said?

Imagine, if you will, the main gate of a powerful and strategic castle in Medieval times, its walls carved from the living rock, its name proudly inlaid to either side of the well-kept portcullis...

WoC is rather a Utopian setting -- bright, shiny, and squeaky-clean from stem to stern. Not my cup of tea, but a lot of people like it, so here is its logo.

Xanadu is one of those "people in costumes become the characters they portray" settings. Fortunately, it happens to be one of the better ones.

The phrase "human study" admits of two meanings, both being applicable to the UHS setting.

The H&T setting hasn't seen much activity recently, which is unfortunate, if one can judge from the set of existing H&T stories.

Another setting with quite a few good stories to its credit, which has been comparatively inactive in recent months.

In the NWA setting, every furry on Earth gets their ideal form while all the non-furries softly and suddenly vanish away. Interesting concept, but a bit self-indulgent, no?

This is a very silly setting whose creator never imagined anyone else would write in it. It may be the only shared world for which continuity has been explicitly declared irrelevant...

Yes, this logo is a painfully stereotyped cliché. What did you expect from an entire shared world setting devoted exclusively to most (if not all) of the usual transgender clichés?

This "people in costumes become the characters they portray" setting isn't merely dead, it's really quite sincerely dead. Of historical interest only, for the most part.

SRU is about a powerful wizard who fucks people over with total impunity. It is likely that the setting's popularity has a lot to do with pandering to the audience's baser instincts.

And, just to go out on a high note:

On the surface, the LTF setting is almost perfectly normal. But even a superficial examination will reveal some distinct peculiarities, and the closer you look, the more peculiar it gets...

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