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TSAT's comical-type strips

We at TSAT are well aware that graphical images can be valuable in their own right. But given the unfortunate fact that images do consume more bandwidth than does text, we simply don't believe that web pages should be thickly freighted with a subinfinite quantity of graphics for no particular reason. Thus, welcome to the really graphics-heavy wing of TSAT! And note well that we're not at all averse to accepting stories told in graphic form, so if you happen to have an idea for some sort of comic strip that might be suitable for TSAT, talk to us and let's see what we can do...

Currently, we carry three comic strips. One, syndicated from Modern Tales, is Shaenon K. Garrity's Narbonic. In addition, we have Oren the Otter's The Changing Workplace, which would not be out of place among the printed comics in your local newspaper. The other, Modified Rapture, by TSAT's two-headed editor Bard and Long, is created with an eye towards exploiting the strengths (and finessing the weaknesses) of the online medium.

by Shaenon K. Garrity

A daily dose of twisted scientific ambition and mutated gerbils. Dramatis Personae: Helen Narbon, who really and truly is a mad scientist; Melody 'Mel' Lewis, Helen's obsessed-with-high-calibre-weaponry assistant; and Dave Davenport, computer geek and token 'good' person.

The Changing Workplace
by Oren the Otter

1-10: It begins. Praise Chaos! Hi, Mom. It's the water soda. Bless you! I dunno. One question. Ouchie! No email. From Below.

51-60: Cthulhu. ::burrp!:: The end? Don't bounce. Façade. What mask? AT&T can't help. Business as usual. Xmas now? Growing up fast.

10-20: Pay? Home. Office copier. Fast food. Danger! All shook up. Which is worse? Money talks. Short is good. Cameo.

61-70: Curséd. Truly weird. Boosting morale. The Law bites. Delays. Say what? Hex repellent. Good service. Monstrous! Decisions.

21-30: Shaggy. Careful talk. Ooooh! Snacky. Interest. On a date. Same old. Shrimp ramen. He's 'Deranged'. Trials galore.

71-80: Getting along. Darned kids. Nekked fur! Cravings. Re-entry. Impure thoughts. (S)He's got it. Friendly place. Bilocation? On retainer.

31-40: Oops! Scientific method. Meet the Nacelites. Careful talk: II. Generous gifts. The pitch. Xmas plot. Oren the reindeer? Names. Light up!

81-90: Don't ask. Don't tell. Technology marches on. Working. Missed! Consequences. A golden oldie. The truth. What he really wants. How lucky!

41-50: Pre-flight. Bad boy! Where's Santa? John 1:24. Sandfur intro. Meet Pixie! Special delivery. Meet Amanda. Check your figures. Latest news.

91-100: Keeping up? Escaping TCW. Few and proud. Helpful friends. Road rage? Dead Man's Curve. Priorities! He'll fight. The Law won't. Fitting punishment.

Modified Rapture
by Michael Bard and Quentin Long

One Please allow us to introduce ourselves, we're both men of wealth and taste.
Two Business as usual -- never mind the global pandemic of extraterrestrial origin!
Three He's not really the embodiment of cosmic evil; he's just written that way...
Four For Truth Order, Justice Stability and the American Canadian Way!
Five More evidence (not that any was needed) of the health hazards of fast food.
Six Tidings of good cheer, that shall be to all people -- or at least, all that matter...
Seven Examining a rut that some people might actually enjoy getting stuck in.
Eight How to really transform Hollywood... (guest writer/artist: Sideshow Lew)
Nine This issue only: The adventures of a Greencoat in re-enactment fu!
Ten Deadline Doom! Fill-in issue! Logos for shared worlds! See it all now!


In which the early bird is caught by the earlier worm.


Ever seen a Canadian melt down? You will...


Freedom of religion: Threat or menace? (guest writer: Name Withheld)


Yeah, we figured it was just about time for a travel cliche...


The blood, the violence, the impromptu poetry recitals: Truly, war is hell.


I am he as you are me and... well... who, exactly, is on first, anyway?

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