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TSAT 31, story index

This time, you're in for a treat: The winning entries in TSAT's fourth writing contest! The blokes who stepped up to the plate were directed to take at least one transformation-story cliché, and turn it upside-down. Erastus Centaur, Wayne Sheeler, and Draven Darklight, take a bow!

Deepest Dreams
by Erastus Centaur
  [1st!] Who wouldn't jump at the chance to make their dreams come true?

The Life and Times of Frank the Slime
by Wayne Sheeler
  [2nd!] Plumbers are good at getting through obstacles.

Getting Mooned
by Draven Darklight
  [3rd!] Being god-forsaken might not be so bad, compared to the alternative...

by Raven Blackmane
  'The blood is the life', yes, but not all of life.

by Phil Geusz
  The problems of a small-town mayor: Political rivals, burned-out street lamps, illegal gengineering...

A Christmas Carol
by Charles Dickens
  [Classic] If you've only seen the movie, you don't really know this tale of redemption.

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