For your reading pleasure, Tempest presents yet another exquisite example of romantic narrative…

Arcane, Chelonian Stars
by Michael Contraire bar Trudeau, LL.D

   Waiting alone in the full knowledge that her fate was now sealed, with the subterranean cries of the frolicking children wafting in from outside, the terrified Cotton thought once more of Long Terrence, the mysterious stranger with the large dog. He was now, according to the best salon gossip, away again on safari.
   Then, without any warning, came the sound she had been longing to hear, and she struggled in vain with her sudden panic. He was here! “I was a cad, a complete and utter fool! I can’t hope that you’ll ever be able to forgive me — but if you do not, I must die, my perfect little carrot!” he stated quietly.
   Suddenly, the horror of these last months vanished in a blaze of joy, and as he slid the little ring onto her finger, she started to think about what they would call their children.

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