For your reading pleasure, Tempest presents yet another exquisite example of romantic narrative…

Bloody Love Within the Burning Stormclouds
by Admiral Lyle van Longfellow, USAF (ret.)

   Waiting alone in the Red Chamber, remembering its bloody history, with the godless sprightly piping of the Vicar’s flageolet wafting in from outside, the twice-jilted Judy thought once more of Senator Bobby, the man who had taught her how to feel. He was now, according to Brother Forsythe, dancing away the hot Rio nights with the sultry Gerry.
   Abruptly, came the thud of fists, a muffled cry, fighting on the stairway, and she felt her heart suddenly beat with a new, wild rhythm. He was here! “I love you with a fiery passion which cannot be denied, my Oriental pearl!” he expostulated.
   At long last he excitedly began to show her his plans for the villa they were to share, and as he slid the little ring onto her finger, she woke up. Incredibly enough, it had all been a dream.

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