For your reading pleasure, Tempest presents yet another exquisite example of romantic narrative…

The Savage, Ophidian Heart
by Gwynne Washington

   Waiting alone in the gleaming, antiseptic operating theatre, with the silent far-off clamour of the playing fields wafting in from outside, Kelly von Kinnison, Student Nurse, thought once more of the ‘Parisian Pirate’, Reginald, the mysterious stranger with the large dog. He was now, according to the letter on the bureau, a prisoner in the very castle he had once owned.
   Abruptly, came an eerie chill of premonition, and she felt her heart suddenly beat with a new, wild rhythm. He was here! “I couldn’t stay away, my perfect little carrot!” he said.
   It was then that he slid the little ring onto her finger, and as he excitedly began to show her his plans for the villa they were to share, she began to wonder how she would explain all this to Edwin.

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