For your reading pleasure, Tempest presents yet another exquisite example of romantic narrative…

The Unspeakably Godless
by Constance Dahley

   Waiting alone in the Red Chamber, remembering its bloody history, with the verdant far-off clamour of the playing fields wafting in from outside, Ulysses von Levant, Student Nurse, thought once more of the ‘Parisian Pirate’, Pedro, the masterful tutor who had transformed her from a mere girl into a real woman. He was now, according to Countess Charity, dancing away the hot Rio nights with the sultry Becky.
   Then, without any warning, came the sound she had been longing to hear, and she felt her heart suddenly beat with a new, wild rhythm. He was here! “I worship you, Sweet Cheeks!” he boomed with a confidence that brooked neither denial nor disagreement.
   At that moment the glow of renewed love gradually overcame her mounting desire for dinner, and as he went down on his knees and implored her to forgive him, she began to wonder how she would explain all this to Mitzi.

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