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The Perfect Girl
by Charles Matthias
  What would you do for love -- or should it be, what wouldn't you do..?

The Downward Spiral, part ii
by The TBP Round Robin Collective
  [TBP] No matter how ugly bigotry gets, it can always be worse...

Running Wild
by Duncan Cougar and Quentin Long
Day 3: Cat's Eye Opening
  [TBP] It's not healthy to live in dreams -- or nightmares, either.
Day 4: The Art of Felines
  [TBP] Must the road to recovery be paved with pain?

Perfect Fit
by Fish
  [TG] What's the difference between a modern miracle and part of the scenery?

the Mabinogion
by an unknown bard or bards
  [Classic] Hark to the history of Pwyll Prince of Dyved...

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