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The Perfect Girl
by Charles Matthias
©2005 Charles Matthias -- all rights reserved

Greg Christopher, captain of the college football team, was the number one target for every sorority girl on campus. And Janet Obenshain was the number one sorority girl.

She was into all the latest fashions, introducing them to her friends first, watching everyone else following after her. Only she could host the coolest parties with all the best new music. She was so cool that she even turned down the offer to head the cheerleading team! In fact, she could turn down anything she wanted, and it would be cool.

Except for one thing: The challenge to be the first sorority girl to nail the elusive Greg Christopher. He was notoriously difficult to pin down, and many others had tried (and failed!) to get him in the sack. But he always turned down all such offers, bringing his dates home promptly. Some said he was just too much of a gentlemen. Others complained that he was too religious. While he did spend a lot of time helping out the homeless children at the local shelter, Janet had never actually seen him in any church.

And Janet would know, because she'd been following him discreetly for a month, trying to find that perfect opportunity to bed the man. She'd even gone to help out at the shelter, thinking he might be more interested in somebody who spent time helping others like he did, but even then, he'd not been interested. It wasn't as if she'd never gone on a date with him, for they'd been on two in that month. She'd even spiked his drink when he went to the bathroom! Somehow, it just didn't work.

Janet was desperate. She was ready to try anything, anything at all, to score this number one hunk. It was obvious though what was wrong.

She was too fat.

She'd always been too fat, and had spent a good bit of time doing those weight loss diets. She'd lost a few pounds here or there, but it was never enough to get Greg's attention. All of the other guys on the football team drooled over her, but there was no prestige in bagging one of those piles of hormones. It was the captain... or it was the end of her days as sorority queen.

So, she was willing to try anything. Anything! Even the little potion she'd bought from that crazy old man earlier that day. She'd been walking the mall with the other girls. She was supposed to be in class, but it was just Intro Math, and who ever needed that? There was a to-die-for sale going on at Macy's, and she knew she'd be able to squeeze into a lovely silken gown, or perhaps grab that dainty little emerald purse she'd been eying.

She never actually made it to Macy's; a store that she normally would not have gone near caught her eye. Or at least, the sign about permanent weight loss caught her eye. The old man inside had been really creepy, like that guy down the street your parents warned you never to go near. And, like, who would? This geek was creepy and old! Totally uncool. And he had this really terrible smile -- she got goosebumps all over just from having him look at her. Like he actually had a libido left, puh-lease! It was probably all shriveled and stumpy, or at least whatever was left of it, if anything.

But creepy or not, the geek knew she had boy trouble. He said he had something to help her 'get her man': This little bottle she was staring at in her hand. It was supposed to make her the ideal girlfriend for him, at least for a little while. The geek told her it'd wear off in a day. Plenty of time to nail Greg and then go home to clean up. Tomorrow night she could brag.

Of course, that was if the stuff worked. She wasn't sure she believed it, but then again, she couldn't recall ever seeing the shop before, and she was willing to try anything. Like, this was Greg Christopher she was talking about! The biggest man on campus, in more ways than one! She would use this potion, bed him, and then she'd never have to think about that silly homeless shelter again.

She was already standing in front of his apartment door, waiting to knock. What the hell, the girls will all be jealous if this works! One drink; close her eyes and think of Greg; and she'd be completely irresistible to him. It was so easy. She'd finally be the perfect girl!

Janet opened the bottle, pushed the doorbell, and drank.

She could hear somebody moving inside, as the warm liquid coursed down her throat. Her whole body felt tingly. She closed her eyes tight, thinking only of Greg. Her mind fixed on his heavily muscled body, his half-shaven face that was so rugged in the afternoon lights, and shorts that were so tight she knew he'd hurt himself if he got an erection. The world spun around her -- suddenly, she got all tired and dizzy. She opened her eyes; the door opened to Greg's surprised face as she fell to the floor unconscious...

There was a brief moment when she felt like she was waking up. Everything shimmered around her, and it looked through her bleary eyes as if she were in the back seat of a car. But the moment was short-lived, and soon everything went black again.

When she woke up for real, the whole world about her felt still. She felt sore all over -- especially her hands. There was a foul taste in her mouth, like she'd been eating her shirt. She was lying on something level but it wasn't very comfortable for some reason.

As her brain started working again, Janet realized one more thing: She was naked. Had Greg been so eager to make love that they'd done it while she was conked out? That would be a real downer! How could she brag about nailing the captain of the football team if she wasn't awake to remember it?

Janet shifted and rubbed her eyes. She still felt weird -- the effect of the potion must have been quite powerful. As she moved, she heard springs creak beneath her. The bed she was on must be in pretty terrible condition. Why in the world would Greg put her on something so horribly tacky as that?

She blinked her eyes open, and saw that she was in a small room with no windows, and a single door. The walls were lined with thick foam padding, like she'd seen in the music hall practice rooms. There was a mirror on one of the walls. She shifted on the bed to look at herself -- then the door opened and Greg stepped through.

"You're awake," Greg said with that needy look she'd seen so often from other boys. Janet's heart melted. He was so big and handsome, rugged in the face. His chest muscles rippled beneath his bronze flesh. He wore only a pair of blue jeans, and they were buckling under his obvious excitement.

He shut the door and locked it. Janet blinked in confusion. Greg seemed bigger than usual. In fact, so did everything in the room. And there was something unsettling in his eyes, in the way he looked at her... Her heart started beating faster, suddenly afraid.

Janet glanced down at herself and could not believe what she saw: A child's body, her breasts and implants all gone -- and something foreign lurked between her legs like a cruel joke! She gasped and turned to the mirror. Staring back at her was a blonde-headed cherub face, with a nose as cute as a button.

Janet had become a boy.

"I'm sorry," Greg said as he bent over her. Now terrified, she tried to scream, but he'd already crammed a sock between her teeth.

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