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All I Want
by Sly Squirrel
©2003 Sly Squirrel -- all rights reserved

"Go ahead and shut it down," Mickey said over his shoulder. I hefted a dirty bus tub to the patio, let it clunk on one of the dirty tables, and started stacking glasses into the bin. Cleaning tables at the Rabbit's Hutch wasn't a terrible living -- if I didn't have to spend my entire life as a bunny rabbit it may have even been tolerable -- but the money far outweighed the discomfort. With a shrug I started squirting disinfectant onto the empty tables, wiping them with a tattered old rag.

It was a lonely life. The big city wasn't exactly the most welcoming place in the world, and without Charity things ground on me like a millstone. There was something about her smile -- her wonderful, radiant smile -- about how she was ticklish all over, about how she always left an encouraging note by my glasses...

I didn't even have glasses anymore; the Tank had fixed that for me.

A strange bark of a voice bit into the silence of the empty section of the restaurant, too familiar to ignore. Charity? I looked up and for a fleeting moment saw her smiling, waiting for me to run up and take her in my arms. She made it! A thousand questions and declarations of love rushed to my mind...

...but before I could get too excited the strange face asked where the bathrooms were. I pointed out the hall, sighed, and went about stacking chairs on the tables. The lady walked off, and while she wasn't looking I tried to imagine for a moment how Charity would walk the same halls.

God, how I missed her!

Half the people I worked with swore up and down I'd never see her again. "Same old story," they tried to tell me, "Boy meets girl, boy heads off to make a living, girl finds something better, girl never comes back." It made sense, of course; what woman would want to claim a cuddly-wuddly rabbit as their manly protector?

I knew better, though. Charity really did care for me. She cared about who I really was; not about how my body looked, or how I would be able to buy her everything she ever wanted. Sure, I could try, but in the end we were just in love. True, perfect love.

With that thought on my mind I leaned on a chair and dreamily looked up to the moon. Lights from the city marred the view, but the crescent-shaped silver beacon still held its righteous place in the sky. I could only hope that Charity was watching the same moon, and thinking the same thing.

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