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Welcome to TSAT #30, the Sly Squirrel special issue! We presented the Squirrely One with a challenge -- could he write enough stories to fill up an entire issue, all by himself? -- and boy howdy, did he ever come through! Fifteen (count 'em, 15) separate and distinct stories, each one its own window on a world of Sly's creation. Observe the life cycle of a new technology, from the first working model to the last commercial version. Observe and read...

The Tale of the Tank
by Sly Squirrel


The Unveiling
  Reflected in the inventor's shining eyes...

Early adopters

You Can't Go Home Again
  "Don't it always seem to go
  "You don't know what you got 'til it's gone?"
Hey, This One'll Kill You!
  God isn't the only one who laughs when you make plans.
One Man's Garbage...
  Obsession is beautiful -- from the inside.

Growing popularity

The Upper Card
  'The Eye of the Tiger'? Hah! Rocky was a wimp...
All I Want
  ...is the one I love.
  What happens when reality isn't enough.
The End of All Cares
  Can technology touch the spirit?
Don't Tell Me You Do
  Yes, breaking up is hard to do.


Thrill of the Hunt
  See what happens when need and want coincide.
The Entrepreneur
  Whatever else changes, greed will always be a constant.
Peer Pressures
  The first one isn't free -- but it's cheap.
Both Sides Now
  Is the grass greener on the other side?
Longer Expectations
  Anything can be abused. Anything.


Costume Party
  Today's advanced technology is tomorrow's toy.

Drift Away
by Sly Squirrel
  [TSA] Any day's good for baseball. And fear. And friendship.

Alice in Wonderland, chapters 1-2
by Lewis Carroll
  [Classic] One oughtn't pursue rabbits -- except, of course, those with waistcoats and pocket watches!

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