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Both Sides Now
by Sly Squirrel
©2003 Sly Squirrel -- all rights reserved

Dusti rapped the stall wall lightly. "So you do what again?"

Jessica sighed. "Look, you just sit there and... well... go. That's all. Just think about rushing water or something."

"And you're sure it's okay to sit in the stall right beside you?"


"Okay." Dusti -- Dustin -- was still trying to get a handle on what had transpired. A day ago, going to the bathroom would have been as easy as breathing. For men it was whip it out and go, with only a few rules of etiquette to follow.

Hell, a lot of things men did were 'whip it out and go'. But now, in dress and hose, one careless motion would show something she didn't mean to show. Getting up in the morning required an extra hour, for she now had makeup and fashion to worry about.

Thinking about everything helped ease her nervousness; presently she heard a gentle spray dribbling into her throne. "Why did I do this again?" Dusti asked.

"You wanted to understand girls better." Jessica could only laugh; she had never imagined that showing Dustin the ropes would be such a trip. Why, men had no idea what it meant to worry about their looks, let alone be up on what was socially acceptable!

And Dustin did accept the one-month tenure voluntarily. The Tanker had assured her of that.

Laughing, Jessica flushed and stepped out to the vanity out front. She had Dusti's makeup case in hand, and was ready to give him another lesson on fashion. "So how do you like being a woman so far?"


"Dusti, are you okay in there?" Her voice became strained. "You need my help with anything..?"

"God," Dusti replied, "I'm bleeding."

"Down there?"

There was only a groan in reply.

"Welcome to womanhood," she added, smiling. "Enjoy your stay."

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