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by Oren the Otter
©1999-2002 Oren the Otter -- all rights reserved

In order to keep a lid on download times, we've divided up our Changing Workplace strips among multiple pages, 10 (ten) strips to a page. You can jump to any of the however-many other pages, either from here or at the bottom of this page.

[1-10] [11-20] [21-30] [31-40] [41-50]
[51-60] [61-70] [71-80] [
81-90] [91-100]

You don't want to know. Really
Strip Number 81
strip 41

Unwanted vote of confidence
Strip Number 82
strip 42

This new learning fascinates me...
Strip Number 83
strip 43

Working as designed
Strip Number 84
strip 44

Missed her by that much!
Strip Number 85
strip 45

Truth and consequences
Strip Number 86
strip 46

A golden oldie-but-goodie
Strip Number 87
strip 47

The truth will out
Strip Number 88
strip 48

The way to an otter's heart
Strip Number 89
strip 49

Is he lucky, or what?
Strip Number 90
strip 50

[1-10] [11-20] [21-30] [31-40] [41-50]
[51-60] [61-70] [71-80] [
81-90] [91-100]

Editor's Notes from the original TSAT presentation of The Changing Workplace, which are every bit as relevant now as they were then:

  1. No web lurkers were injured in the making of these strips.
  2. Any similarity to actual persons or events is purely intentional, but done in the spirit of good fun and totally lacking in malice. Besides, "there ain't nothing nor no one to sue", so don't bother.

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