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We (Bard and Cubist) have never been categorically opposed to the concept of Internet advertising, per se. But at the same time, we are also aware that most ads on the net are obtrusive, annoying, obstructive, deleterious to the websurfing experience in general, and all-around pains in the butt. If you'd like to run an ad which isn't an obtrusive, annoying pain in the butt, please look over TSAT's ad policy. Other than that, we've segregated all our money-making schemes (affinity programs and suchlike) to a separate page unto themselves -- this page. Why do we want your money? So we can afford to pay our writers and artists, that's why. If you don't like what you see here, no problem: Just hit your BACK button, or click on back to home or the archives, and you'll never have to see it again.

Let's start with shameless huckstering: Want to buy a TSAT pen?

Click on the pen to view a QuickTime movie of it

The price is $2.50 apiece (quantity discounts: $2.30 ea. for 5-9; $2.00 for 10+) -- we'll eat the postage/shipping fees, and you're welcome. We've seen pens like these going for higher prices in stores, and the proceeds will go to TSAT's contributors, so what are you waiting for? Send a letter containing [a] the number of pens you want, [b] the mailing address to which you want them sent, and [c] the cashier's check (made out to "TSAT Stories and Art") or money order (ditto) or cash, to:

TSAT Stories and Art -- 3419 Gila Drive -- San Jose, CA -- 95148 -- USA

Alternately, you might want to browse the TSAT Mall, where you'll find coffee mugs, Frisbees flying discs, notebooks, and a variety of other useful and/or decorative items. Again, it's for a good cause: All profits from sales at the Mall will go to TSAT's authors and artists.

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And here we have flagrant begging -- that is, click here to just give us money outright, so's we can use it to brighten the day of some deserving creative type.

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What we have here is an Amazon.com affinity program. Those of you who don't buy stuff through Amazon.com should feel free to ignore it. For the rest of you: If you're going to throw money at Amazon.com anyway, why not help us out by ensuring that TSAT's writers and artists get a chunk of the cash you were already going to spend?

In Association with Amazon.com

Another affinity program, this time for/with Iomega. If your computer has any flavor of Zip drive, Jaz drive, Peerless HD System, or any other Iomega removable storage system, you may find this to be of interest. Again: If you're not interested, don't sweat it. But if you do need something from Iomega, why not cut TSAT's contributors in for a piece of the action?

logobanner190x60.gif FactoryOutlet 234x60

PocketZip 40MB 10-Pack
Zip 100MB 3-Pack
Zip 100MB USB

Zip 100MB USB Slim

Iomega Jaz 1GB 3-Pack

Remanufactured Zip 250MB

Zip 250MB USB

Zip 250MB SCSI

Iomega Jaz 2GB 3-Pack
Zip 250MB Single Disk

Zip 250MB 4-Pack

Peerless 10GB
Firewire Bundle

Peerless 20GB
Firewire Bundle

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