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Guidelines for submitting other items to TSAT

"Other items", you ask? Yep. "Other items". Like, anything that isn't a story or piece of art. There's any number of possibilities...

Guest editorials: While we (Bard and Long) are perfectly capable of writing editorials ourselves, we also recognize the value of alternative viewpoints. Let us know what you've got in mind!

Reviews: Book reviews, movie reviews, television reviews, none-of-the-above reviews. As long as whatever-it-is has got some sort of transformative content, TSAT will be happy to consider using your review of it. Sign the release, and send it to us with your review of whatever-it-is.

Articles: Editorials and reviews are opinion pieces. Articles are fact pieces. Transformative surgery, artificial (bionic) replacement organs, tattooing, et cetera -- if it's got the potential to reshape a body, TSAT might well be interested in an article on it. Get in touch and let's see what you've got in mind.

None of the above: Transformation-related crossword puzzles... knock-knock jokes... doctoral dissertations... postcards... stained glass windows... If you've got something in mind that just doesn't fit into any other category, talk to us and let's see what we can do!

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