By title

Ballad of Fallen Angels Story 40 Equestrian Horse Wrangler New
The Hidden Place Column 40 Slyford T. Rabbit The Rabbit's Hutch
Putting Things... Crooked Story 40 Bill Hart New
Running Wild, Day 2:
Dawning Awareness
Story 40 Cougar and Long New TBP
SF 102: Learning the Basics Editorial 40 Michael Bard Bardlings
The Strange Case of
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Story 40 Robert Louis Stevenson TSAT Classic
Ch. 5: Too Much of a Good Thing Column 40 Kitnoki Scribbler's Progress
Terraforming Story 40 Charles Matthias RUET 1st Prize
Websites of Mass Destruction Column 40 Phantom Websurfer Random Access