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Environmental Protection (EVP)

In the EVP setting, all is seemingly modern and mundane -- but magic is real, and so are 'mythical' creatures, unicorns most prominent among them. The only ones that have yet shown up 'on camera' are unicorns, but we are reliably informed that many others exist, too (i.e. dragons, elves, mermaids, etc). A unicorn's innate power is vast. The abilities so far confirmed include shapeshifting between human and equine forms; teleportation; healing of injury, poison, and disease; telepathy; megayear-scale longevity; transmutation of living or dead matter; and immunity to many human weapons.

The existing EVP stories focus on the activities of an Environmental Protection Agency office staffed entirely by unicorns. The main character, Roger Harris, was transformed into a unicorn in the first story; he had run afoul of a particularly vicious polluter, and his transformation literally saved his life. Unicorns being traditionally associated with purity and nature, it makes sense that in the modern world they would associate with such organizations as the EPA. In view of the power commanded by unicorns, it is not clear why there are any environmental problems left for the EPA to deal with.

The three stories in this setting are as follows:

Environmental Protection -- Roger Harris, recently RIF'ed from his duties at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, hires on at the EPA; he and his family and must adjust to their new lives.

Straw Unicorns -- The unicorns of the EPA must deal with a paid assassin who knows their secret.

Midnight Oil -- Roger contemplates the responsibility of power, and the evildoers who hired last story's assassin haven't given up...

The EVP setting is open to all writers, who are invited to peruse the EVP guidelines.

Equestrian Horse Wrangler is EVP's creator and arbiter, and he reserves the right to rule on which concepts or stories are canonical for this setting.

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