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It's Halloween, and to celebrate the season and our sixth issue, we certainly have some long legged beasties and things that go bump in the night.

In this issue we welcome a new columnist to TSAT, Aatheus Centauri with his column Hoofnotes for the Taurs in the audience. Oren the Otter returns with Otter's Ponderings and People Like Us. Deranged Kitsune is back with the Kitsune Files, and Jeff Mahr's editorial celebrates our the completion of our first year.

And to celebrate TSAT's first year please take the survey and vote for your favorite story that has appeared in these pages. Yes, all of mine are listed so vote often.

The stories this time around are sure to bring chills. Paul Carmichael is back with Mulberry Street, a tale showing that some childhood nightmares just can't be suppressed. Hawkyn finds terror in the deep woods with Slime, and as a first, we present a classic tale from Bob Stein, The Island.

Our featured story is from Managing Editor Jeff Mahr who gives us Thaumaturjekyll, a saga that tells of what happens when the most famous potion in history falls into the wrong hands.

The Pact, my story for this issue shows that deals with the devil catch up to you.

Be sure to visit our Art department. We now have three galleries of TF related art including the cover illustration from Elwood Raccoon.

Hot off the presses you will also find new strips from Oren's The Changing Workplace.

Also new this issue is an index of the back issues so you can check out what you've missed.

Andy Hollis September 30, 1999

[tsat home] [#6]