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Well folks, we have good news and bad news. The good news is we're out and we made our deadline (sort of -- actually, we're one day late). This is a stripped down issue and a couple of the links may not work yet, but they will shortly, so please check back soon. For those interested, yours truly has taken a new job in (shudder) real life and I'm in the process of acclimating to the new job, selling one house, finding and buying another house, commuting across half a state between work and family, and putting out this e-zine. This has sorely limited the time available for things like sleep and this e-zine.

But enough whining; on to the good stuff. Stories -- we have stories...

CloverBunny offers Dirty Dishes, a homey little ditty about being a teenager and listening to the wisdom of others. Andy Hollis has interrupted his explorations of Bennett City to bring us The Elven Wizard. New contributor Justin Vae offers up our first poem, Morphic, and it's well worth checking out. From Paul Carmichael comes a romp on the fun side with Morphing for Millions. Another new author, Tryptych, honors us with Triumph, the tale of a man who doesn't change in a world where everyone has morphed. Finally, yet another new author, Jason Mitchell, offers up Welcome to the Hole, about a chance meeting in a park with some unique results.

We also have two new images in our art pages, compliments of John Groothof (aka SkunkBomb) [actually, we don't; some of the Skunkbomb files got lost between when Mahr wrote this and now. sorry! -- QGL] and a new column about a unique kind of "fursuit" by Aatheus Centauri.

And to whet your appetites, we have two stories we can tell you about that will be in the next issue, June 1, 2000. From Paul Carmichael comes The Mercenaries of Light, another story of Bennett City. In this outing, Paul Carmichael, now an elf, helps twelve year-old Andy and his twin brother Allen to... well, maybe we won't tell quite that much about it. Also in the June 1 issue will be Thaumaturjekyll: Home is Where Your Halberd Is. This is the continuing saga of the Lanyon family where Mom is now a male centaur, Dad is now a female centaur, their son Hastie and his best friend Jack are now clones of Brigitte Nielsen in her role as Red Sonja, and the Dark Gods have just returned them to this dimension -- along with a surprise or two. If you'd like previews of those stories, write the authors and tell them.

We hope you enjoy, and please let our authors know what you think. Remember, the only fees our authors get are your comments.

Jeffrey M. Mahr
March 29, 2000

[tsat home] [#9]