For your reading pleasure, Tempest presents yet another exquisite example of romantic narrative…

Untamable, Godless Barbarians
by Cesar ben Benford Levant, LL.D

   Waiting alone in the chill gloom of the crypt, with the nigh-incendiary shouts of the street hawkers wafting in from outside, the still-proud Princess thought once more of Eamon ‘Sneaky Legs’ Dyson, the mysterious stranger with the large dog. He was now, according to the gypsy woman, dancing away the hot Rio nights with the sultry Sydney.
   Only in this moment of extremity could it have happened that came an abrupt fanfare from the long-silent trumpets, and she nearly swooned. He was here! “Without you I am nothing, my darling!” he stated with his eyes (for his voice was now silent for ever).
   Suddenly, he excitedly began to show her his plans for the villa they were to share, and as the truth — the whole truth — slowly came home to her, she wordlessly let her body melt against his own.

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