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My Life Sucks
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Skin Deep II
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Welcome to TSAT's new format! We, your faithful editors (Cubist and Bard), were wondering how we could improve the zine... and, well, here's the result. We didn't consult anybody or take a poll or anything, but nevertheless, we're absolutely positive you'll like it.

How can we be so certain? Simple: Nobody -- and I mean nobody, not even one ever-lovin' pair of eyeballs -- ever bothers to send feedback to a website unless they're pissed off about something. Care to guess how much feedback we get from our readers? None. Zero. Nil. Bupkiss. The big goose egg. And that's from a readership which amounts to roughly 12,000 warm bodies per month!

With zero complaints from 12,000 readers, therefore, it's pretty clear that you guys are perfectly satisfied with TSAT. As well, it's also clear that you'd continue to be perfectly satisfied with TSAT no matter what we do with the zine, up to and including converting it into a TF-fetish pay-per-view porn site.

Which might not be such a bad idea, come to think of it. I mean, let's face it -- zero complaints from twelve-bloody-thousand readers? Hmmm...

Anyway, we know we've got you by the balls -- sorry, I mean: "we're aware of, and appreciate, your incredibly strong loyalty and allegiance to the TSAT brand" -- and by God, we will capitalize on this situation. So don't you worry your pretty little heads about a single thing; you just sit right back like good little sponge-like Internet couch potatoes, the same way you always have done, and we'll take TSAT to places you never thought it could go!