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TSAT: The Electronic Magazine of TSA-Talk
Volume One, Issue 4 -- June/July 1999

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What's new? Wow, that's a hard one to answer; we've been so busy. For one, we've redesigned our navigation system to add several new features; not the least of them, this section to tell you what's new. We hope this makes it even easier to find whatever you're looking for here at TSAT.

Some of the new features are:

We are now offering new transformation-related art work beginning with The Changing Workplace, a series of cartoons by Oren the Otter set in a fictitious (our lawyers made us say that) company named TSA (you were expecting Microsoft maybe?).
...and then there are our regular features:
[Actually, there used to be a TSAT Store, which existed from #4 (the issue you're reading now) up until #18 (the last one produced under the Mahr regime). The new management nuked the Store -- sorry! If this annoys you, let us know.]
We used to call this "advertising," but this is more accurate and reflects our goal of a spam-free, banner-free site. Visit them to find some other related sites we think you'll enjoy.
This is what we're all about. This issue's theme is summer vacation and we have five never-before-seen tales of transformation for you. Don't forget to click on the author's name beneath the title and send them your comments.


Hawkyn has presented an excellent morality tale. Taunt the gods and expect a "G'day, Mate"? I think not. Don't forget to drop him a note if you'd like more.

Songs of Power: Songs of Change

Newcomer Paul Carmichael unravels some of the mystery of the sea.

Summer Changes

Andy Hollis offers a potential paternity suit (sorry, our lawyers again) as viewed from the eyes of a teenaged boy, er, wolf... well, you'll see.

A Time Like No Other

"How far will a family go to maintain harmony?" asks Sandfur.


Oren the Otter presents the battle of your summer vacation, as a fully loaded cyber-feline. Watch out for the Mangon.

The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep

Jeffrey M. Mahr offers a tender (if you're a werewolf) coming of age story. For those interested: The places named in this story do exist, but the people's names have been changed for their protection.

OTTER'S PONDerings is back with ideas for those of you unsure what summer transformations you'd like to try as well as his continuing series of advice to readers. Also in this issue: A discussion of the future of transformation-related fiction, and reviews of some of the more popular "story universes" spawned by TSA-Talk.
...and then there are our regular features:
Here's where we get interactive. Check out our survey and help determine what this magazine should be called. Also, check out the results of last month's survey to see who had the web sites our readers liked the best. Finally, check out our reader forum and don't forget to leave us a message, any message... we get lonely here.
Want to check out some of the old issues, check here. Information is listed two ways: by title, and by creator. [Mahr & Co. also had a third index -- by type of TF -- which the new guys wasted. You no like? Let us know!] Just click on the desired item and enjoy.
We welcome submissions of art, stories, columns; actually just about anything. Click here to check out our editorial guidelines for authors, artists, or creators of anything else.

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